Why do you ship from China?

Why do you ship from China?

This is an excellent question that we get asked frequently. Pedal the Metal has fulfillment centers in the USA and China. Most Pedal the Metal orders with free shipping, ship out of China. Whereas orders with paid shipping mostly ship from the USA. There are several benefits to shipping from China. First, it's important to remember that many popular and high-end consumer products are made in China.

To put it in perspective, here are a few popular brands that are Made in China or other SE Asian countries

  1. Ray Ban sunglasses (Made in China)
  2. Coach handbags (Made in China)
  3. Trek bikes (Made in China & Taiwan)
  4. Giant bikes (Made in China & Taiwan)
  5. Specialized bikes (Made in China & Taiwan)
  6. Converse footwear (Made in Indonesia)
  7. Nike footwear (Made in China & Vietnam)
  8. Levi’s (Made in China & Vietnam)
  9. Schwinn bikes (Made in China & Taiwan)
  10. Black & Decker power tools (Made in China)

An important benefit of shipping from China that is often under-discussed, is its reduction in the carbon footprint of a product. When a Chinese-made product is shipped from the USA or other non-Asian countries, that item must first be shipped a long way to the overseas fulfillment center and then shipped again to the consumer's door. This additional step increases the carbon footprint over each item sold. When most products are made and shipped in China, the fulfillment centers are often right down the road from the factory. So, it takes an exceedingly small carbon footprint to move products from factory to fulfillment. Multiply this over the thousands or millions of products sold by online retailers, it makes a big difference in reducing the global carbon footprint.

Another benefit comes down to the price of shipping. Everyone likes to see a free shipping option when shopping online. The Chinese government subsidizes shipping costs, greatly reducing the cost of shipping from China. An item that may cost $60-$70 USD to ship from the USA to the United Kingdom may only cost $5-$10 USD to ship from China. Pedal the Metal passes these savings on to customers by way of free shipping. Although Pedal the Metal does stock some items locally in our Montana, Utah, and Pennsylvania fulfillment centers, the cost to ship within the US can still be greater than shipping from China to the US, because of the Chinese subsidies. Without Chinese shipping, there would likely be no free overseas shipping and probably a minimum order value for free shipping in the USA.


TL;DR Version:

Most consumer products are manufactured in China; therefore, it reduces the carbon footprint to ship directly from China.

The Chinese government subsidizes shipping costs. So, shipping directly from China is 50%-90% cheaper than shipping from the USA.


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